MONTENEGRO (Podgorica, Niksic)

– cheap (good 4* hotels are less than 50€, a full meal is around 10€)
– friendly people, they are usually open for a casual small talk
– most people speak English
– sometimes waiters offer a drink for free as hospitality
– they like to party, bars are packed with people even in week days, and you can easily find live music performances
– dishes are most often with large portions, I have only one meal per day after breakfast
– at Bonella shops they have wonderful fruit salads priced 1€
– roads are in decent conditions
– not many tourists (apart summer time)
– people are used to dogs and they get along easily with them
– almost no homeless persons
– taxi drivers are honest, they do not overcharge foreigners (just avoid the few scam taxi at the airport)

– I manage a conversation only with men
– waiters are 99% men
– they hug and kiss between men when they meet
– they never go out alone, it’s something unthinkable in their culture
– girls like to dress up and to be noticed, but it’s just a “mood”, no real action happens
– when they go out for coffee or drink, they are always looking at who is passing on the street; several cafes in the main street have chairs oriented one direction only (the street itself)
– they seems very religious, people make sign of the cross in front of sacred places, and they kiss the doors of the curch
– there are many stray dogs, tame and sometime scared
– it’s a developing country, they lack good infrastructures and their mindset is still backward
– CouchSurfing and Tinder don’t work at all
– no strip bars or sex clubs at all

– dirtyness, parks and rivers are studded of “forgetten” waste like plastic bags, papers, bottles…
– boring, not much to do… natural parks and mountains are the main attractions
– smoking is permitted everywhere, and there is no separate room for it: in restaurants or cafes it’s not so common, but in clubs or party places it’s a widespread habit. It’s even worse because no place has adequate ventilation system
– a few cars go around without license plate (!)
– parties are quite boring, everybody “flutter” around their table, but usually there is no real dance floor. People don’t mix together, they stay only with their friends all the night. I try to “approach” few girls of different age, their reaction was often laughing (kind of…), turn around and move away
– salsa parties are nothing special, music is ugly, there are 70% girls (not interesting and not interested…) but they dance usually with their friends

CentreVille Hotel & Experiences
hotel M Nikic
hotel Yugoslavia
Bonella Green Bazar

ME – Crna Gora


53 Podgorica
08 Podgorica

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