Short-neck hangers

Do you need a wide-spread cheap hanger that allows you to save some space in your wardrobe?

Here you are a simple handcrafted solution made with standard Ikea hangers.

Just glue together two black hangers SPRUTTIG (with glue for plastic), then use hot glue to assemble the result with the BUMERANG. Make sure to use a good amount of hot glue to fill the gap between the two items and to cover a couple of centimeters of the black bracket, at least in a couple of points per side.

Needed items:

  • Ikea SPRUTTIG, item code: 203.170.79
  • Ikea BUMERANG, item code: 702.932.74
  • glue for plastic
  • hot glue gun

#SPRUTTIG #BUMERANG #Ikea #Higher Hangers #omini salvaspazio #appendini

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